Friends of the DOR

Find a church in relationship with
The Diocese of The Restoration.


The Father’s House
Hutchinson, KS

Bishop Quintin Moore

The Father’s House
Larned, KS

Fr. Mike Pfortmiller
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Church at The Cross
Wichita, KS

Fr. Derek G. Shore
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The Table
Hannibal, MO

Fr. Jared Moore
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South Carolina

Foundations Forever International Church
Myrtle Beach, SC

Fr. Mitchell Livingston


The Church of Acts
Oklahoma City, OK

Fr. Byron Ackerman

SoZo Altar Group
Grand Lake Area, OK

Bishop Jim Beckett

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New York

Salem Tabernacle
Beacon, NY

Fr. Bill Dandreano

New Jersey

Ignite: Church
Edison, NJ 

Bishop Nikolaos G. Brown